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Green Wheels in Delaware Today!

Join the forward thinkers of cleaner, Greener transportation today with Angela Marconi funding advocates of cleaner, smarter vehicles and education including in-wheel tech!

Imagine upgrading nearly every existing form of transportation with Green technologies available now. Delaware leaders gather how to help Delaware business owners create jobs, opportunities and opportunities along with providing education to all ages.

The transition to Greener vehicles is happening in the First State in the USA now and we will film, publish, update and inform the world from informative events like this to the EV USA Tour which kicked of 1.1.22 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with the all-electric Biden #1 touring vehicle.

There will also be large commercial vehicles like the Ford F-150 to F-450, an all-electric Heavy Duty Tow truck and various hybrid to all-electric's like the in-wheel, bolt-on, plug and play motors that keep the existing drivetrain while dramatically improving fuel economy reducing emissions, decreasing costs and adding safety with reliability.

For an example of this, we take a page from USA's own Green Wheel application scenarios:

"In a typical urban setting, vehicles move at an average of 30mph or lower and consume the bulk of their fuel while idling. Stopped or moving slowly, the internal combustion engine operates less efficiently and emits more pollutants than at higher speeds."

A vehicle with OrbisWheels™ installed on the non-driven wheels, on the other hand, would operate on electric power under 30 MPH, reserving fossil-fuel use for higher speed travel.

OrbisWheels™ are a complete system that integrates into existing vehicle management. In addition to the wheels, a battery and ECU interface complete the conversion — all in an installation operation taking approximately 2 hours. Cost of the system which includes a lightweight, high-performance LiION battery (under 100 pounds) is amortized over 10 years at $100 per month. This economic breakthrough facilitates immediate investment recovery and realized profit as gas cost drops from $15/day average to $7.50 per day at 50% electric usage. Testing shows at typical urban speeds of 30-mph and under that the savings can easily reach 75% or more daily.

In real world testing, OrbisWheels™ are proving to be robust and low maintenance, and allow for “intelligent incorporation” and contributing valuable data to vehicle management systems.

And now imagine what the 93-year old Auto Archives is planning for existing vehicles. From the simple to advanced, the message is now being taken to the streets so stay tuned and happy 2022 from the First State in the USA and one of many examples we will help produce in Delaware with help from our state's Green thinkers!

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