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Green these Lands!

Greening the First people of the First State in the USA begins with planning, choosing the lowest footprint products and natural energy from Mother Earth. And GreenTV is on the job!

Clean air, water, food, housing, energy, transportation and more are the goals of this build it and they will come project in the back yard of the President of the United States of America.

During the Memorial Day weekend, we met, talked and walked with Lady Lenape, Chief Coker, volunteers and the curious as tours were laid out for the new Lenape "Green Bridge" community to benefit elders to children for 7-generations ahead. This way of thinking and planning diminishes the "instant gratification" providing a way forward for all. It also shows how we can live with less if we invite more nature in!

As Chief Quiet Thunder was honored along with over 100-veterans who served and buried on these lands, we discussed the many who did not return yet were present in spirit.

Chief Coker and Lady Lenape guide groups with the background of a wide body of water flowing, birds singing and energy growing.

Just a few of the many volunteers celebrating bonds and dreams for the new community and where each segment of progress will be filmed along with details of edible, medicinal and grounds plants. Also will be an A to Z list of the lightest foot print and natural products sourced locally. Presented in short clips by Lady Lenape and guests, short visual summaries on why things were chosen as Green, function and overall purpose.

Thank you Delaware Lenape here in the First State to native Americans everywhere. Chief Thunder's latest book was published shorty after his recent passing yet will serve as a guide for the people of this new community and every community on the planet.

Stay tuned for updates and if you would like to contribute to the non-profit Green Bride project, reach out to us and we will align you with the person or group of your interest/s!

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