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Green that Ride! (with videos)

For nearly as long as Jeep has been around, our family loved Jeeps. We would (and still) buy Jeeps in need of TLC and give them new lives and looks. Sure, there are other vehicles from bikes to boats and all in-between yet Jeeps are the original Green Machine! Must see video!

The LED lighting used was literally safe-tested using an AK47 and if you have a Jeep, you can appreciate bullet proof components. They also withstand high-pressure mud washing!

However, although the ride has been Greened on the outside using the new Green multi-stage paint system (story upcoming) the really good stuff in in the inside (also an upcoming story). For now, we are focusing on the hybrid-electric drive kit option and the full-blown Electric kits by the GreenTVEV team!

Pro-conversion video:

Do it Yourself video:

Thoughts to ride on video:

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