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Green that Ride!

Another classic saved from being a clunker-junker to clean and greened. This is a lifestyle for many, re-purposing what still has embodied energy and a bit of hope!

Catching up with Fiachra Cooke and his website, learn how this 1994 Audi 80 B4 got a new life and he learned a new lifestyle!

Say's Fiachra, "After many a year talking about it, I have finally got the wheels turning on my first EV conversion. Following the DIY electric car forum and ev intrepid adventures in the land of reverse engineering for a number of years, choice of machine to convert and decisions on how to power it were pondered. The plans got cranked up a notch after meeting Kevin and Damien over in Fully Charged Live 2019 and not long after, parts begin to be purchased in the shape of a motor, inverter, charge ports, plus all HV wiring I could strip.

And now the process courtesy of Fiachra and EV Photo album. Video by Retro in the Auto Archives library!

And LOTS of dedication. Thanks and make sure you send your story to Tanya Wendel Breck today. Get a free "As Seen on GreenTV!" shirt or cap !

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