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Green Marine

Updated: May 20, 2021

Green boats to large ships are spending even more than the automotive industry to electrify transportation on the water. And marinas like the Sassafras Harbor Marine are smoothing the waters for these new breeds of boaters! Hint-Video of E-boat conversion kit saving $$$!

From family type boating to a talk with a larger commercial pilot named Austin, going Green is not longer the chore it was just years ago. With a new awareness of everything from dirty fuel to polluted waters, Joseph Smith, President and team have adapted and succeeded in environmental fun. And their efforts to keep the Chesapeake Bay clean and green are first hand as witnessed on a recent trip as a boat slip visitor.

In speaking with Austin, the young commercial ship Captain, with demand for freight only rising amid globalization and interconnected supply chains, maritime trade is expected to skyrocket 300% by 2050. Shipping represents 2.6% of total greenhouse gas emissions. But companies and countries are investing in environmentally friendly boats. Singapore received its first hybrid-electric pilot boat this year, complete with solar panels on the roof. The firm Sailcargo is building the world’s largest zero-emissions ship in Costa Rica, with a wooden hull. And Maersk, the shipping giant, has vowed to get the world’s first carbon-neutral liner vessel operational by 2023. The company’s goal is that by 2050, all shipping will be net-zero CO2 emissions.

And now, imagine boating becoming even Greener with this bolt on e-kit for boats because you will see it here soon. In fact, doing say a certain twin-screw ICE boat is actually easier to go Green than a land yacht!

Credit to Tanya Wendel Breck, and the team at this incredible marina!

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