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Green $1M Giveaway!

What a way to start the day and 2022 with funding! In the video, Felix Kramer and Betsy Rosenberg paint a pretty picture based on the past for a great future! Happy Holidays!

Show break down; 01:08 - CalCars Squared 06:33 - Pivot to climate; plug-ins as a beacon 07:58 CalCars Squared: convert half a billion cars 09:40 Betsy: Green Media’s time has come 10:40 Drawdown to reverse glob al warming 12:00 Hope to reverse, regenerate, restore 13;02 Betsy: solutionaries 14:01 Active hope, not optimism 15:49 Regenerative agriculture & veganism 18:30 Active Allies & intergenerational action 19:15 I Can’t Wait to Give A Lot Away in ’21-’22 21:25 MacKenzie Scott 22:21 Climate Emergency Fund 22:53 Betsy and future guests 23:12 Alex Steffen and The Snap Forward 24: 28 Fun and dark humor keep us going Links; ActiveAllies Drawdown Foundation for Climate Restoration Climate Emergency Fund Felix at Linked In I Can’t Wait to Give Away a Lot (instead of saying find it via LinkedIn, Alex Steffen The Snap Forward—Felix’s page about it

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