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GM & Honda EV Conversion Kits

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Giants General Motors and Honda are building millions of new EV's. What will happen to the millions of old gas models they made. Stay tuned the GreenTV EV channel and see the future!

A look at the past can tell a lot about the future. At the beginning of the automotive industry and millions of new cars were promised to the public. However, many that were already built were electric.

Although my Grandmother has long passed, it seems she found a niche in saving the early EV's and yes, even some were converted from electric to gasoline! However, the legacy of the Lake family continued to be electric from Grandmother Agnes Patricia Lake to her son William Vincent Lake. I got in at age 12 by converting a worn out old gas vehicle to electric keeping the legacy alive to this day.

At 67 and still quite active, our "current" project is something that will address range anxiety by creating an all-electric emergency assist vehicles charging on the spot, offering battery swaps, on-site diagnostics, tire-changing to towing!

My hopes are in my daughters Erica and Jessica Lake, grand daughters, grandsons and future generations of Lake's, Lacy's, Coles and the millions shown in the family EV tree image.

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