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GM Charges at Green Drinks USA

General Motors has a problem and a solution. Mary Barra commits $750M to installing 40,000 EV Chargers yet the question is where. The solution? Green Drinks USA and the Solutionaries!

For the past 2+ decades, we have advocated and attended the local, free Green Drinks around the USA and world. With hundreds of Green Drinks in cities meeting in the USA each month, where better than to install the chargers where other will learn and talk about them.

Our consultancy fee to General Motors? Like Biden said to the Pope, buy us a Green Drink at the next meetup!

And now for GM's recent Press Release "As our Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands introduce more EVs, it is our goal to simplify the charging experience for electric vehicle owners at home and in public. GM’s holistic charging approach, Ultium Charge 3601, will integrate charging networks, brand mobile apps2, and other products and services.

  • Access to Charging: GM will continue to work with charging providers, electric utilities and government agencies to make home, workplace, public and fleet charging ubiquitous and easy for customers.

  • Mobile Apps: Mobile apps across GM’s product brands will provide an intuitive mobile experience that makes navigating to an available charging station, plugging into a charger and paying for charging simple.

  • Products and Services: To help ensure the transition to an EV is seamless, GM is working to offer EV owners charging accessories and installation services tailored to their lifestyle.

And the video from EV front-liners:


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