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Getting Personal- Lake to Lake

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Lake's from the Lake District in the UK to the Great Lakes in USA are drying up. And that is not good with Green girl Betsy Rosenberg!

While CNN has recently done better with climate change reporting, Betsy has been at it for 2+ decades. So hold on for some fresh content with some of the world's major Green players and Solutionaries.

On a more serious note, with the last name Lake, working with Lady Lenape of the State of Delaware Lenape native Americans, this is getting quite serious. I may be a car guy at heart yet Green is in our DNA. Like David Banks is chief conservation officer at The Nature Conservancy and Jim Andrew is chief sustainability officer at PepsiCo who were recently featured on CNN, let's kick some gas as Betsy says!

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1 Comment

Though I didnt have the fortune I regret with my fate. A day sooner will come that you are someone who has done for the humanity at large. So as you differently Jon. I give up to understand others not to make them undestand. Truth will prevail and sooner it will be with me Joymalya Chakraborty


Jon & Lori

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