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Freedom, Family and Fun! Cheap EV!

Whether you are an auto lover, boater, fishing, sailing or camping, Electric is fun for the entire family. Great video too!

Enjoy the video and remember, family is more important than anything. In fact, it is the most important activity, fun and can be inexpensive for everyone!

This USA company is passionate about our innovative products and how they power our customers’ lives. GoSun has developed breakthrough solar technologies that can cook, cool, light, charge, or purify using only the Sun. With our solar gear, the adventure never ends. Founded in a garage in Cincinnati, Ohio, we grew quickly thanks to our community of committed customers and shareholders. Since our inception, we've worked with nonprofits to provide solar products to those in need.

GoSun has provided funding and support to the American Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, Houston Food Bank, Global Giving, Operation BBQ Relief, and the California Community Wildfire Relief Fund. GoSun has also donated to several Ukrainian relief organizations including Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, and Unicef. Click here for more!

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