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First Electric Ford F-100

"At the end of his speech, Joe Biden goes, 'You know I'm a car guy. And I want to drive this truck.' Everyone politely laughed. Because presidents don't drive vehicles,'" Ford CEO Jim Farley told the Free Press.

Hello again Ford! Here is the first all-electric F-100 like the one with Biden on stage in 2021 and like the one we discussed at the Delaware Green Expo in year 2009 on stage with Biden.

My, how Green has grown to reach into the past and improve the future! Shown is Gregory Cole's 1955 Ford F-100 and while Ford CEO Jim Farley said their new E-Truck would give Biden's 1967 Corvette a run for it's money, wait until you see the Bidenmobile®

And since personally committing to Project Bidenmobile®, our team will wager Ford's CEO Jim Farley a "title against title". A new electric F-150 against a 1967 E-Corvette that looks like Biden's own Vette! Take a look at the image below the F-100 video and contact us if you want to be a part of our projects and the upcoming USA EV Tour with the F-100, the Bidenmobile® and a few more very cool E-projects in-process, all built in the USA!

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