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Ex-Twitter Employees Welcomed Here!

Having followed Elon Musk all of his automotive career, ending Twitter employment may seem bad. Yet those losing jobs could win with this opportunity and love what they do!

With 50+ years in the automotive business, there are trends we have followed since the inception of the industry. And I am inviting ex-Twitter employees to beat Elon at his own game! Control your own future based on proven history. Be a true owner in a 93-year old, USA Public Benefit entity. Generations caring about future generations.

When dying from Cancer in 1995, I created for the planet and people, for cleaner, Greener transportation.

We know Tesla's are great yet can be greater and this is your opportunity to join us at no cost or commitment to create the industry that could overtake Tesla. That is, converting existing ICE (internal combustion to EV's (electric vehicles.

If you want hands-on, we'll teach you. If you want to teach, we'll provide the platform. Take a peak inside the magazine and contact us if you want to inside one of the top on-line industries of your future.

We are not asking you to subscribe, much is free on-line. What we are asking is you see this as a much needed industry and the way to make a big difference in the quality of every living spirit. Without building new cars. Talk about recycling, repurposing and reusing!

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