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It's Electric!

Both electric vehicles (EV's) and Tree Houses are very much in demand as are the Green products we use in our professions and personal lives. Tanya Wendel Breck built her first Tree House at age 12, I built my first EV at age 12. And now, we are joined at the roots to present our collective experience and views on living true Green lifestyles.

With TV shows like Animal Planet's "Treehouse Masters" and DIY Network's "The Treehouse Guys," there has been an increase in treehouse building within the past five years, said Tanya Breck, Tree House designer and project manager.

My first attempt at building Tree House is shown in the (how to NOT build a tree house) video below yet imagine a Treehouse like the one in the featured image, self-sustaining with solar and micro-wind power. And that power can take care of the Treehouse, your electric vehicles (from bikes to cars to power toys) while living Green with incredible views relaxing and nature sounds.

Stay tuned as we tweak and tune our collective visons of clean, Green lifestyles!

How NOT to build a Tree House with Jon Lake:

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