EV Business Ideas Video

Have a small business and budget? You have to have transportation so why not something that touts your good beliefs, business ethics and could be a tax write-off?

“I couldn’t find where I parked our Zenn car at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago,” said Henderson of Zippy Dogs. “Then I noticed a crowd standing around a car, and it was ours.

“Being eco-friendly is a priority of ours, so this car is big deal to us,” added Henderson. “We worked out of our house for 10 years, and just bought a live/work loft so for the first time we have to commute, but only short distances, zigzagging all over West Seattle,” she said of ZippyDogs. “We want to leave smallest possible paw print.”

We will be featuring owners of all types of businesses on what they are driving, how saving money on transportation costs can go to growing their businesses with green currency while leaving a small foot (paw) print!

The video is not of great quality yet good quantity for the many Green opportunities!

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