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Earth Day Weekend $6B Show E-Vent!

$6-Billion in Green transportation funds announced at this Earth Day EV event! “These projects won’t just reduce emissions, but they’ll also give Americans more options and help our families to save money at the pump,” say's Senator Tom Carper attending this E-vent!

Many promising businesses have popped up and failed in the past as seen in the chart below. And as can be seen, like yester-years before, the automotive industry is THE prize sought after by most. Especially electric vehicles and conversions. And to Senator Carper's delight, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation is setting up shop to create a new Green transportation industry first in the First State.

Gregory Coles of SELOC is basing creating clean Green jobs on Auto Archives, the parent company's 90+ year old history. Generations of automotive expertise will join with Gregory's team to bring Senator Carper and others save money at the pump and clean the air.

As shown by the Auto Archives Automotive Chart, the industry began with electrified horse-buggies and has now come around full-circle. We hope you will join many of the forward thinkers like Tesla to Ford's Mach E and more at this weekend's event in Delaware. Come see and learn what SELOC has already produced and how they will help ease the transition to clean, Greened machines.

Join us at the event here or contact us here and enjoy a glimpse of what SELOC and Mr. Coles are bringing to the table!

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