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E-Ute is Cute!

The VW Ute or Amarok may be the next truck to go electric and challenge the Tesla truck, Ford and others. Yet, will they fool us again with clean, Green claims or come clean?

Volkswagen has given buyers a sneak peak of its vital new Amarok Ute. The sketches give the first glimpse of the front end and interior of the new model, which is expected to arrive Down Under in the first quarter of 2023.

According to and brother Edmund Lake, the Ute shares underpinnings with the new Ford Ranger, which will land in showrooms in the middle of next year. Despite the shared componentry, the images show that the vehicles will be very different to look at and drive. For the past three years, German engineers have been based at Ford’s design and engineering headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

As we await VW of America to return with the electric version, the tease of a VW truck is enticing if no other reason that the Ute has been out for a number of years and converting it to electric should not be too difficult! Stay tuned..

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