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Dream car to a car girl named Liz who also happens to be a Marine and cool people along with her mate Ruth. The issue? E-problems with a year 2003 Honda Element, 150k miles yet lots of lovely life left. Trade-in or keep?

When a vehicle has "mystery problems", that is, what one cannot hear or see, the average dealer does not really want to put a Mechanic or Shecanic on the vehicle. They also do not want your problems as a trade-in so it is likely this baby would end up in the salvage yard or neglected to rust away in a far away parking lot.

However, we now have the Internet and along with that, some really cool and inexpensive ways to recycle the vehicle of your own dream (and yes, they all differ like people:)

The Electrical issue began with the drivers side door would not open and ended with a few hours of work after watching a few YouTube's on the common problems for this year and model. End result, a $50 do-it-yourself fix and another dream car saved in the process!

Thanks to Theresa Conroy for the use of shop space and filming at Marsh Mellow in Delaware!

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Joymalya Chakraborty
Joymalya Chakraborty
29. März 2022

Recycle Shri Dharacharjya from 3 x 10 8 meter / sec quill perspective , maize a/b/c


NASA ISRO I was wrong

Gefällt mir
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