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Delaware Prosperity & Affordable EV's!

Join us, top Green Solutionaries with TV host Betsy Rosenberg for affordable EV's by Dennis Palatov in the First State. Cool video and hats off to Dr. Veronika Wright (Obersteiner)!

Dennis Palatov's Patented technology has proven itself on the raceway and now finds it's way into battery technology. According to James Morris at Forbes "The technology in EV batteries is developing fast. For starters, the cost is now about 10% of what it was a decade ago for the same capacity and continuing to drop. But as the price goes down and the chemistries are adjusted to increase energy density and longevity, more radical design changes are on the horizon too. A small specialist performance car company owner reckons his latest development could revolutionize the way batteries are managed.

While developing his electric powertrains, Palatov came up with some new ideas for battery pack design, and subsequently launched a new company called Modular Battery Technologies Inc, or Modbatt for short. The basic idea is to rearrange how cells and modules are put together in a car’s battery system. Current designs put cells in parallel inside a module, then put a number of these modules in a series to get the required voltage for the overall system, either 400V or (more recently) 800V. The problem with this method is that the parallel-connected cells can only be monitored as an average, not individually. And if one shorts out, all the others will deliver their full energy into the faulty cell with no way to control the current".

Palatov’s idea, and the basis of Modbatt’s technology is that the batteries inside the module are run in series instead of parallel to deliver the necessary voltage from every module. Each one will already be at 800V and connected to the system via a relay, so it can be turned off and fully isolated if faulty. To enable this, each individual cell has its own SmartCell monitoring of temperature and voltage, which it can communicate up and down the chain to the module controller and then to the overall BMS. This monitoring chip can be added to a cell of any chemistry type for as little as 15c.

And this can make electric vehicle on land, water and even space more affordable beginning in the first State (or Delaware). Hold on, feel it and know its coming to you soon!

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