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Bill Ford of Ford Goes Green!

"Ford is so dedicated to going green that the company has a goal to only use 100% sustainable materials in its vehicles," Ford said in its release. The video shows ahead of time thinking!

Already Ford is reusing:

  • aluminum scrap from its stamping plants

  • post-consumer carpet and tires

  • agave fiber from the tequila-making process

  • U.S. currency taken out of circulation

  • and through a partnership with McDonald’s USA: coffee chaff — the dried skin of the bean in partnership with McDonald's — is used for reinforcing headlamp housings.

'Hot topic'

Jessica Caldwell, executive director of insights at car shopping site, said any carmaker that shows dedication to sustainability is going to generate positive buzz.

"It's such a hot topic," she said, noting the endless images of ocean plastics shown when wildlife has been tangled — and is rescued.

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