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Bidenmobile Update - USA EV Plan!

President Joe Biden's 1967 Corvette being designed and built by the best in USA as an example of the best way everyone can do their part, increase the value of existing vehicles by making them cleaner and Greener.

The first of a limited number of the hand-built-to-order Bidenmobile will be on a USA EV Tour by Gregory Coleman. Showing the latest in technology to convert nearly any vehicle to hybrid (keeping the original drive-train) to fast, fun and long range all-electric. And the plan is to use American grown industrial Hemp in everything from the body panels (see video below) to interior and more!

Interested in having your dream vehicle filmed during it's conversion and then featured on the TV series "Green that Ride"? Contact us today and we'll keep the updates coming!

Image credits: Steve Tice at QuantumWorks

Hemp Body expert and video by Bruce Michael Deitzen for a hint of the future in Green plant-based materials.

And for the big picture which Biden, we and Adam Roe of Zero Labs see in converting Millions of existing vehicles!

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