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Biden's Corvette - $1.2M?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The original Bidenmoble is for sale? Joe, you, the family and I go back decades with your Vette yet here it is on the You Tube video. Or so we thought. A Deep Fake video and the real video story tells the truth of a true car guy..

While we are all exposed to lots of fake news about world events, never did we think the fake news would hit the cherished realm of the cool car industry. So let's make it clear. Joe's original is not available. And the near-identical 1967 Corvette electric version (the Bidenmobile®, the JillMobile® featured on Green that Ride) and our other unique creations will be on the EV USA Tour.

Joe got his as a wedding present from his Dad in 1967 and as seen in the featured image in a story from Popular Mechanics, his late son and friend Beau Biden, the car will never be for sale.

Deep Fake News video:

Real video and true story of Joe and his journey with the Bidenmobile:

This video is a realistic view of the facts about Joe and the USA Made Corvette that means so much to he, I and now the rest of the world when on tour during the EV USA Tour of 2022 beginning this September in NYC with Celebrity star Host Betsy Rosenberg, EV Genius Gregory Coles and maybe a visit from Joe!

Do you have a unique vehicle, product or service for the EV USA Tour? Or would you like an original, one-off vehicle made or Greened for you? Contact us today!

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