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Betsy Rosenberg's $175k Gift to You!

Broadcast Pioneer

Betsy Rosenberg is an award-winning national broadcast journalist and environmental media expert. She is a keen observer of how mainstream news outlets cover climate change and other ecological issues, and has dedicated her career to being a communications conduit between eco-innovators and general public. With 20 years of experience in radio news and as a popular talk show host, Betsy has earned distinction as a world class, solutions oriented visionary.

And for Betsy's birthday on August 17, she is gifting the world by bringing her decades of experience to lead GreenTV and gifting a chance to win a brand new Tesla worth $175,000.

How do you win one of these pre-paid tickets? When Betsy goes live with GreenTV on 8.17.21, she would like the best suggestions on what content would serve you and the world the best to help the planet, people and species going forward.

It's that easy and yes, this is for real, 100% legitimate and funded by GreenTV founder Jonathan Lake. Send us your suggestion (s) to, sit back and wait to win! Betsy's free raffle ticket gets you a shot at a prize package over $175,000. With an unrivaled range of 390 miles, you can travel from New York City to Richmond, Virginia in one charge. And, if you have a need for speed, accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds. Experience the new futuristic yoke-style steering. Use the autopilot feature which enables your car to steer, accelerate, brake, change lanes, and even park automatically under your active supervision. The Tesla Model S is fully electric, so you never need to visit a gas station again. Plugging in is easy, there are over 25,000 Tesla Supercharger stations worldwide, with new locations opening every week. More about the car here: The Model S Plaid CCAN Action Fund’s Prize consists of (a) a payment of US$131,490 by CCAN Action Fund directly to Tesla, Inc. on behalf of the winner, to be used for purchase of a Tesla Model S Plaid with 19’’ Tempest Wheels, an all-black premium five-seat interior in your choice of blue, silver, black, or white color; and (b) a payment of 33.33% of the total prize value to the Internal Revenue Service for the backup tax withholding required for this Prize. And now the video. It may be silly yet the message is serious. Betsy Rosenberg, her team and millions around the world want to do something to help and what better way than to help us help you. And it's free!

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