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B-Day The Most Interesting Man in Green!

Mr. #GreenTV gifts opportunities to promote your cause, product or service with your own Channel or 10% R.O.I. as a Sustainable Investor. With our new 24/7 show, reach millios!

Jonathan David Lake and his Mother were dying from toxins that did NOT disclose their lethal ingredients. Jon's Mom died on May 7th, 1995 and GreenTV was born.

It would be a 24/7 "You Tube" yet You Tube was not created until nearly a decade later. The purpose was to give everyone a voice in clean, air water and our one only only planet. A chnace to make a difference using simple low-cost technology that anyone from ages 10 to 100 could easily use from home, traveling on on-site of the next Green project from a comminity garden to a the next Green hotel desitnartion.

"Today, on my 69th birthday, I meet the most powerful woman in the United States of America to show our recently completed Pitch Deck showing our longevity of team talent, direction and how, for nearly 30-years, our volunteers have interviewed over 5,000 Green experts showing hope for the future, opportunity in innumerable jobs and invesments in sustainability saving billions in pollution and money.

And now you are welcomed to join in the journey helping youn and your loved ones now and generations to come. Simply give me a call on my State of Delaware hotline at 302 239 LAKE

Make money, make a difference, gain a true purpose in life taht will create your legacy now!

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