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As seen on GreenTV! The Barbie EV

Doctor Lady Lacy, Doctor Michael Alexis, Stacy Lapidus, Robert Childs to the State of Delaware's Senator Carper help bring Jill Biden's Barbie EV to promote Cancer awareness and Green jobs!

Oh the choices yet Lady Lacy, survivor and advocate choose the prettiest one to adorn with pink Cancer Bows and Jill's personalized Biden Won license plate. And looking for a Green job, new career empowering you to make a difference? See the Green jobs image at the bottom of this post! And reserve your's today by clicking the image of inventory!

Remember, October is breast Cancer awareness month. Support the first Lady in the first State in nation with clean, Greened transportation.

And of course, the test drive with the factory stock low-speed model. The Biden Barbie will have longer range and higher speeds!

Find a new Green job, career and profession. Click on the Green jobs image to begin or visit the home page of

And the famous Biden Won license plate for the line of JillMobile EV's!

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