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Al Gore invests in Baby Tesla!

Al Gore invested in GoGoro along with others and now you can invest in the next big EV industry. There are numerous start-up's "below the radar" that come our way where your hard earned money can create jobs and opportunities in the USA!

The following is from Hong Cong as CNN talks with Horace Luke yet could easily be here in the USA. Horace Luke sees scooters as just the beginning of an electric revolution. “There’s a lot of applications that we can use for these batteries beyond mobility,” he said, noting Gogoro’s plans to help power smart parking meters or traffic lights. “Think of us as portable batteries, except much bigger.”

Luke said that the company chose New York for its offering because of the deep pool of liquidity, and investors’ ability there “to see beyond today.”

He said he had not thought about dual listing in Taiwan yet, but acknowledged that there were potential challenges that come with debuting in New York.

Many people in the United States may not “understand the importance of two wheelers,” he added.

Young people these days “are looking at Tesla,” said the CEO. But the majority of riders in cities such as Bangkok, Mumbai and Ho Chi Minh City may never be able to afford those electric vehicles, he added.

Gogoro fills that gap, he argues.

“If you thought Tesla was great, you should look at Gogoro,” said Luke, adding that the company was sometimes dubbed “the little baby Tesla, or the Tesla of two-wheelers.”

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