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600+ Mile Range with Mushrooms!

Yes, it was proven it with our converted classic 1972 Mercedes (without mushrooms, with extra energy cells)) yet this is a new car does it with mushroom! (or so we shall we see when pitted against the Bidenmobile:) Read the Daimler Press Release or more from Peter Valdes-Dapena!

"Mercedes has unveiled a new all-electric concept car, the EQXX, that the company claims can go 620 miles on a single charge. The futuristic luxury car is also made with a host of innovative recycled and sustainable materials including mushroom fibers, ground up cacti and trash such as food scraps.

Mercedes' range claim for this concept vehicle is based on computer simulated testing, not actual driving, the company said. If the claim is accurate, though, the EQXX would be able to drive farther on a single charge than a Toyota Prius hybrid can travel on a full tank of gas, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates. The Prius can only manage 588 miles. It's nearly as far as the644 miles that a diesel-powered Chevrolet Suburban can go on a 28-gallon tank of fuel. It's also much farther than any other electric car currently available in the United States, according to the EPA."

Thanks Peter and stay tuned!

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