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$17M to Green Wheels!

Greening your wheels just got easier with a $17+ million dollars investment, a cool video and Luca Ambrozic creating a presence in the First State in the USA!

Auto Archives began in-wheel electrification research many decades ago yet when the USA leaders became serious about Greening transportation, a few in the in-wheel motors industry began to step it up. And Elaphe also captured an in-wheel world record!

They secured investment, hiring talent and technology that will simplify, reduce cost, increase safety and performance.

Keep an eye on Elaphe, Luca Ambrozic and his team helping to bring the 1967 Corvette Bidenmobile® in-wheel motor conversion "As Seen on GreenTV"!

Will the Bidenmobile® be a good-will present to the United States President from a company outside the country coming in to create Green jobs and help the USA transition to clean transportation? Stay tuned for updates!

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