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101 Year Old Green Guy

“Since the age of 10, I’ve retained my interest in motoring and today find myself interested in the switch to electrification following the government phasing out the traditional combustion engines I’m used to.

I have reminisced about my driving history with the Model T and seen what the future has in store. It was exciting to get behind the wheel of what I expect to see my great grandchildren will be driving.”

According to Auto Evolution, This centenarian, a one Mr. Harold Baggot, even has a long history involving Ford vehicles, not to mention great-grandchildren who happen to be car enthusiasts themselves. The 101-year-old is a former coach company owner and Ford customer, who got to drive his very first car, a Ford Model T, when he was just 10 years old.

Baggot then went on to purchase his first ride, a Ford 8 Popular in 1937 for £100, to go with a Ford Anglia the following year. All in all, his family owned 20 Ford models privately, as well as a fleet of 140 Ford commercial vehicles that got converted into coaches by the family business.

Here’s where this story gets really good though. In order to refresh his memory with regards to his Model T days, Ford’s heritage collection opened its doors and allowed Mr. Baggot to sample a 1915 Model T, similar to the one he drove (just on a farm, not on public roads) back when he was just 10 years old.

Afterwards, he got behind the wheel of the fully electric Mustang Mach-E and went for a quick three-mile drive. According to Ford, the man was quite surprised by how quiet electric cars can be – which is only natural, especially considering how loud the Model T is, both during start-up as well as on the move.

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