It make one wonder, when the home page reads “For the second time, Neste has placed in the top 3 on the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. Neste continues being the number one ranked energy company in the world” and the transparency is as clear as the message in their visuals.

Many around the world still remember John Browne, CEO of BP invest 10-years of his life and reputation into putting a Green tag on BP only to have financial interests blow what was becoming a good thing. Shortly after, Browne left, BP’s reputation was decimated. From every one of the 500+ monthly Green Drinks in major cities around the world to the international Chapters of LEED, everyone’s best dream became a global nightmare.

However, this time around, CEO Peter Vanacker of Neste has more than just a promise. Peter and team Neste are taking the “kid” gloves off  and putting the kids on. As seen in the video, this is the same thing your kids are talking about.

Their future. The kids have spoken. Just a few weeks ago, millions of kids staged a protest for near similar to what we see in USA’s Green Deal. And if you think that just because major media ignored them that they will go away? Not on my watch, on Peter Vanacker’s or Neste International!


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