Marilyn Crenshaw is the Green and Blue Architect and Nate Edmunds is the Green Banker with Univest. Although they live on different coasts and in different occupations, they both, long ago saw the zero coming.

In Marilyn’s neck of the woods, she writes;
The intent of the new California Energy Code Requirements is that a building must generate as much or more power than it uses. If your property receives sun, then solar panels can achieve the required power production. If your property receives insufficient sun, then other renewable energy systems such as: wind, micro-hydro, hydro-voltaic, geothermal , wave power, tidal power, hydrogen fuel cells, radiant energy, harvested biomass fuel in form of alcohol, and methane (from agricultural waste, landfill waste, sewage) can be used either on a specific property or community scale or utility scale.”
And Nathan (Nate) Edmunds recently informed us Univest Bank is preparing good news for the East Coast with incentives to go solar, build net-zero or help with nearly anything to get the East caught up with the West.

We wish Marilyn and Nate all the best and after decades of ALL of us preaching, Zero is coming to a city and a building near you! And 2020 is only 6-months away for California to lead the country beginning every new residence.



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