Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop had goals of re-greening the Earth with natural products, re-investing profits to do good and continually lower our footprints.

Anita succeeded beyond her wildest dreams doing what she loved until she died at the age of 64. The recent legalization of hemp reminded me of the struggles she had with educating and legalization in her vast storefront locations.

And now Hemp is legal to cultivate and produce products from, that face to face interaction is needed more now than ever. And the places to discuss the alternative medicinal side of things are no longer your doctor. The A.M.A. acknowledged most doctors no little to nothing about hemp and your local pharmacist, like your doctor were trained in man-made substances, not plant medicine.

With substance abuse and suicide at the highest level ever, people are seeking alternatives like the ones Anita Roddick began offering decades ago. However, rather than a trip to The Body Shop, many are finding their local State Medical Dispensaries.

The upside is unlike doctors and pharmacists, the people at the dispensaries are educated with plant-medicine. The downside is much of their inventory is imported instead of what most would like to see as locally grown by American experts with love, care and no chemicals. And the employees, like the pharmacists sell only what is being supplied.

So, what to do, who and where to go? Stay tuned as we go in deeper and bring stories from American sources of medicinal plant medicine. Until then, happy hunting and New Moon to you!



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