Lady Lenape of the Lenape Tribe of Delaware shared this video of #HonorNativeLand with Wëlànkuntëwakàn (peace).

For more than five hundred years, Native communities across the Americas have demonstrated resilience and resistance in the face of violent efforts to separate them from their land, culture, and each other. They remain at the forefront of movements to protect Mother Earth and the life it sustains. Today, corporate greed and federal policy push agendas to extract wealth from the earth, degrading sacred land in blatant disregard of treaty rights. Acknowledgment is a critical public intervention, a necessary step toward honoring Native communities and enacting the much larger project of decolonization and reconciliation. Join us in adopting, calling for, and spreading this practice. 

The connection of GreenTV to the Lenape is that of this native American Delawarean who is alive 2-decades longer than world experts had given me. It is in part, because of their teachings and practices I survived terminal Cancer, addictions to man-made medicine and more recently, a near full recovery from transient ischemic attack.

A big part of my health accomplishments were the natural medicines, living waters and foods shared yet more so was the faith instilled in my mind. Faith of good intent and a purpose were stronger than the Chemo, the morphine pump and experts walking away after they did their best to save me.

The video shows all of us have the teachings and appreciation inside of us and one sure way to trigger these are by realizing our lands do not belong to you. It is you who belong to our lands.





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