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Jonathan Lake


A lifetime of experience working hands-on in the automotive industry piqued Jonathan's interest and desire for clean, efficient transportation, buildings and Green energy sources. Self-employed since the age of 12, Lake began his career by re-designing and building custom vehicles. At 17, he began to work with Tony Martino, the founder of AAMCO who sold it to create MAACO in Wilmington; he was entrusted with opening the first MAAACO franchise in the Arizona.

Jonathan, a native Delawarean, has been a photojournalist for more than 40 years. He wrote the column "Automotive Historian" for the Wilmington News Journal, in which he informed his readers about the automobiles he chose to feature. He founded GreenTV® at the age of 39 after battling and conquering a terminal cancer diagnosis. The origin of the disease was from the tailpipes of the cars he had been saving from the scrap yard. While battling for his life, he began sketching out what is now GreenTV® to advocate for clean, Green living. The entrepreneur has now dedicated himself to assisting with an efficacious transition to clean transportation.
As evident in his daily posts, his passion for electrifying all modes of transportation continues and aligns with the new USA Green-friendly administration.

Jon has been blessed with daughters, grand- and great-grandchildren, who motivate him to create a greener, healthier world. He is based in Delaware and travels to the Greenest destinations to report the latest for GreenTV.