Hemp…America’s Epic Game Changer by Darlene Mea, Founder of  The Hempington Post 

If you’re reading this, you already know major things are happening which are changing the course of our future in America, and throughout the world. The Cannabis plant is making a huge comeback after being somewhat untouchable for far too many years. As history shows, the Cannabis plant (also known as the “miracle plant”) has been a part of our recorded history for over 12,000 years+++, and seemingly dates back to the beginning of time.

In the next few pages we are going to take a look at all things Hemp. Things most of us may say, ‘Seriously, I had no clue’…Hemp is and has been grown and manufactured legally in other countries for hundreds of years, therefore since we are not ‘allowed’ to grow Hemp Commercially in America — we import Billions of dollars in Hemp Products from around the world.
Therefore America gives millions away every year to other countries when in fact, we could be farming and creating industry here, in America,.

With MADE IN AMERICA: Products; Construction, Bio-Fuel; Industrial Applications, Consumer Products; Textiles, CBD, Personal Care; Supplements; Food; Clothing; Super-Capacitors and things we have not even discovered. Hemp is an epic, multi-billion dollar industry AND we need LAWS CHANGED! Currently in America Hemp it’s legal to eat, drink, wear, drive, build with, use as a medicine, however, our farmers can’t grown commercially — does this seem questionable to you? Well you can be sure, It it!

So Darlene, wrote that before legalization in December of 2018 yet her points are more valid than ever. And yes, we like hemp and hemp products. How about you!



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