During an N.D.E., one thinks of regrets yet this is not a sad story. This is one of hope!

The GreenTV RV featured here is  similar to the one I plan to be driving while counseling people facing Cancer. I plan to show simple steps to make their environments cleaner and Greener. As  one who battled terminal Cancer in a bed, wheelchair and finally with Hospice, I asked what the hardest thing is about visiting someone who is ill.

Ten times out of ten, it was the smell, the environment. Maybe of dead flowers, maybe worse yet that does NOT have to be the way the people who brought you here have to go out. In addition, besides visitors, think of the person fighting the fight in a bad environment.

So my last regret during my N.D.E. nearly a quarter century ago was not showing enough people how to help the sick, the healthy, even the pets that going clean and Green is easy. It is cost-effective, often free by opening a window occasionally for the person who can’t.

With the ability to travel in a roomy yet compact RV or (Motor Coach) ability to spend a night, two or more, this will enable to help many more than from a stationary office. I will also be able write and show others the virtues of fine motor coaches in my travels to our 500+ monthly Green Drinks and daily on GreenTV!

Oh yes, if you want to build your own Greened RV, begin with Thor, the Green leaders in RV’s! And thank you Dawn M. Hopkins MPA, HRM Sussex Regional Business Manager Division of Small Business at the Delaware Department of State. Your energy inspires faith!


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