Did you know Verizon sells a kick-ass Samsung tablet with full artist capabilities and a bug? Count us here at H.Q. when we got sucked into the Green of Verizon’s easy monthly payments.

In which they seem to “throttle” the Wi-Fi in bug either in the Sims chip or the tablet which we loved, yet we get second class internet service. And this is not the local Verizon store’s helpful staff because they could not figure out the issue. Either that or its an in-house secret to throttle W-Fi. When it came to replacing the tablet, the poor souls at the Greened Verizon store were not made aware the Verizon store sold (and lease) kick-ass Samsung tablets. It is superior work-horse tablets and devices like the Samsung this Green road warrior uses as do thousands of the Green journalists across the planet.

So, to get to the settlement part and bug, the local Verizon people did their best, as did tech support yet if we are going to tree hug the Green aspects, this Wi-Fi bug or other disease in the tablet must be corrected. And if this reads like a complaint, it is yet not against Samsung or Verizon. Having been with Verizon for decades, you have a good thing going and the Green community like what you are doing in sustainability. Just fix the issue!


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