Virgin Airlines have been going Green from the very beginning. The achievements from alternative fuels to foods, food packaging to recycling everything. I mean everything. Branson and team hold themselves to a higher bar which is why they are preferred as Green as possible travel mode. And for your fun day Monday, another cool surprise!

As Yank Design says “Airline food is an integral part of the aviation experience, but this iconic aspect of the flight isn’t necessarily desired. The often-infamous economy meal service is outdated, with it seeing little change over the last 50 years. However, this welcomed redesign for Virgin Atlantic explores the experience and brings it straight into the 21st century!

The family of products consists of everything from the cutlery through to the cup holders, with every single element of the experience receiving a new lease of life! Each of the items carries the same exploratory and timely design language that ties them together. The ideas were formed off the idea of dining, sharing and smart modular table-wear, leading to a selection of products that work harmoniously together to create an incredible dining experience!

It’s about time that the in-flight dining experience was complimentary to the engineering feat of aviation!” Stay tuned, big moon week!


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