If you didn’t have a reason to go Green in transportation, maybe the gas graph will nudge you. As seen by the figures, nearly 60% of fuel is being to transport you to the local store, across the country or somewhere in-between.

And while no one is asking you to change your driving habits or even your mode/s of transportation, just be aware that every day in the USA, about 150 Billion gallons of fuel is being burnt to the atmosphere. That is a lot of carbonated pollution rising up and eventually coming back down to your one and only address that we all share.

Will switching to hybrid or electric vehicles help? Absolutely yet any change begins with the facts. Perhaps the next time the need for a trip arises, it could be shared or taken with a bike or maybe even a walk.

Today’s facts are brought to you by the very Green people at the U.S. Department of Energy and may be a bit dated yet certainly enlightening!

Light-duty vehicles accounted for 58.5% of transportation energy use while medium/heavy-duty trucks and buses accounted for 23.9%. Air transportation was the only other mode accounting for more than 5% of transportation energy use. The majority of fuel used in transportation was gasoline and diesel fuel, used not only for highway vehicles but also in rail, water and air modes.

Stay tuned, hump day Wednesday coming up!


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