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Agnes Lake

Automotive Pioneer

In 1929, Agnes Lake's history is documented by the United States Supreme Court as an automotive pioneer who began in Wilmington, Delaware.

Agnes's son William Vincent and his wife Minnie Lake continued the business until their passing.

Agnes Lake's granddaughter Patricia AgnesLake, grandsons Edmund Lake and Jon Lake are now here to help you.

The story is I created custom vehicles from bikes to cars and boats starting at age 12, all emitted toxic fumes affecting my entire family. I had created a small fortune with ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles yet at age 39, they and the toxins used in the industry nearly killed me. In 1995 and with Hospice at my side, I decided if I lived, all my work would be clean, 

Green and healthy. I would use 50+ years of experience to transform millions of vehicles away from ICE and to EV.

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