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A broadcast pioneer with decades of experience interviewing eco solutionaries and sharing climate facts. Take a moment here to explore many of her past radio and podcast shows.  

Betsy Rosenberg:
Co-Founder, Host, Producer GreenTV

Betsy Rosenberg is an award-winning national broadcast journalist who spent the first half of her career as a reporter and anchor with the CBS Radio News network. On Earth Day, 1997, Betsy launched TrashTalk minutes on KCBS Radio in San Francisco. The "how to" reduce, reuse, recycle and rot feature was the first recurring green program to air on a mainstream news outlet and ran for ten years. In 2004 she left news to specialize in environmental programming and went on to helm the first green-themed interview show in the nation to air daily. Over the next decade—many years before any news outlets were covering the climate best-- Betsy interviewed the biggest names in the movement and on across all shades of green!

In addition to interviewing the leading eco-innovators of our time from science, politics, business, tech, activism, and the arts, Betsy is a keen observer, writer, and speaker on how mainstream news outlets cover climate change and other environmental issues — or fail to-- and is proud to be a communications bridge between eco-experts and the general public. With 20 years of experience in radio news and known for her insightful and engaging interviews, Betsy has earned distinction as a world-class, solutions-oriented visionary.

In addition to her extensive media experience, Betsy has played an active role in educating her community hosting “Green Tea Parties” and co-founding a GASroots campaign called Don’t Be Fueled! — Mothers for Clean and Safe Vehicles. She has also written many articles and contributed to a book called Climate Abandoned — We’re on the Endangered List. In her personal life Betsy practices what she preaches; driving an electric car, charged by her solar-powered roof, composting, and speaking up whenever she sees waste and encourages others to do the same. Her latest project is growing, a new online media platform that picks up where the news networks leave off; going beyond the headlines to focus on actionable solutions. 

Over1,500 Celebrity Interviews

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