When reading the latest on Net-Zero homes, the 700% increase number hit me like a Chevrolet Bolt. Similar to the luxury waterfront we designed and built to be the best at the best cost, value and lightest footprint, we figured it could be duplicated anywhere. With the cost of Green building materials, products and specialized Green labor going down and the demand going up by 700% since 2010, the call of the  Green build has returned.

Or at least help others do it right. Having lived on-site (actually in a houseboat) from way before construction to placing the final micro-wind power at the top of the watchtower, I also filmed every day. No matter the weather or emergency, like a soldier at duty, my post was the Lake House Green estate on the head of the incredible Chesapeake Bay.

This Green build would be the true Green build mapped out on the private beach while hand de-constructing the old structure, built with my own hands and finished to exceed any known LEED, Net Zero or Green building standard of the time.

Not that is was perfect yet after 2-decades of studying how the sun would hit during all seasons to collect the passive solar, it worked well often heated the entire complex for days. At the time, it was my calling to study it down to every scrap, film every step including recycling nearly 95% of the former house and replacing it gently, with love and to last forever.

Which brings me 4.4.19, and local Green girl Ramona Zacolla. Recently, we set out to find the Green in resort style property to duplicate here on Coastal Delaware. Along the way, we are going to help others and hope the president of MyGreenBuild will join us to film and assure every step is as Green as it can get. Within (or below budget) and at completion, we will go Green another property, another and share with you!

Stay tuned  for more and happy Bday Green Girl!


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