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12 March 2018


Happy Monday, tapping into other green journalists, their stories and experiences. This one is Bikes are for old people..Utter nonsense! Well, I didn’t know that at first, but I was stubborn enough to give it try, and every single day for a whole year I did my daily 38 mile commute on my old bike retrofitted with a small 250 W front wheel motor and a 216 Wh Li-Polymer battery. During that first year of 6,200 miles I had replaced the motor (internal gears broke after 500 miles), the battery (cracked after falling on icy roads), the wheels (spokes wore out), the frame (made a new one with front suspension), and almost everything else. So, now I knew what I was dealing with.By Jesper Berggreen 7 years in, I have tens of thousands of miles in the saddle of different e-bikes, but it turns out I have never owned a factory built model. I have always built them myself, to suit my needs.

GREENTV Source: Tired Of Your Boring Commute? Build A Funky E-bike To Spice Up Your Ride!

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