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09 March 2018


We do a lot of green-related events at the GreenTV studios and the last, headed by Kyma Berlardo (Founder) was entitled Unified Goddess Metaphysicla Spa Retreat. Kyma, the many vendors and attendees truly lived up to the name offering great nourishment in positive energy, healthy food, drinks and hugs! Yes, hugs, that exchange of love missing out so much today. In addition to great conversation, compelling discussions and relaxed minds, the event was a showcase of the many initiatives and accomplishments by women coming together from all over to unite spirits. If you are looking for great places to host events like this one, remember our physical locations in USA, UK, India and Mexico with full-featured film/photography capability along with the monthly (yes, monthly) Green Drinks locations in over 500-cities around the world! There is often no charge, a minor fee or semi-sponsored by local patrons or in this case, the fantastic vendors listed here and please, patronize these and other matriarch like minds:
Yoni by Jade – Jade Johnson
Authentic Yoni Love- Giavonni Scott
Zen Aura Rahks/Qe Tesh Gemz – Zanora El
Nu Terra- Reyna and Courtney Guy
Joyful Awakenings- Anita Swayne
Ravenski Alchemy Massage – Raven Carter
Higher Vibez AccesSorize – Monique McKinney
Aurora Reiki- Nancy Schlott
Higher Vibez Reiki, LLC – Brandee Watts-Bey
Ayoola Naturals- Amira Snow-Richardson
Eyota Catori- Body Alchemy and Energetics
Thanks again Kyma and participants, hope to see you all again soon!

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