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07 March 2018

Smartest EV

How about a smart prediction? A Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo car and which is an API platform for connected cars enabling developers to connect their apps to vehicles. And I am going to drive one, let it drive me, test it, push it yet hopefully not break it. Actually no concerns there as the Smart Fortwo car is built like an electric tank and yes, all electric. Charged by micro wind and solar, my demo will also feature an EV bike attached to the Smart Fortwo making my near-future transportation greened, low-footprint and great content as I travel doing interviews and others interviewing what makes this the SmartestEV. Most have or can read about the Smart Fortwo here yet little has been written about and here it is based on my research.
Though many cars are internet-connected, there has not been an easy way for developers to integrate with them. Cars didn’t have documented APIs and each car manufacturer has proprietary cloud infrastructure. Some companies worked around these issues by using aftermarket hardware (like OBD dongles), but those devices came with severe limitations and a prohibitive upfront cost.
Today, Smartcar’s connected car platform lets developers read vehicle data and send commands using HTTP requests to any vehicles in a single engineering effort. By taking advantage of embedded telematics hardware already present in vehicles, developers can use Smartcar’s suite of SDKs and comprehensive API docs to get started easily and build apps to communicate with vehicles.
“We founded Smartcar in 2015 after we became frustrated trying to figure out how to get a mobile app to connect to a vehicle,” says Sahas Katta, co-founder and CEO. “Today, innovation in the automotive world is accelerating. We’re excited to be enabling both industry incumbents and startups to develop new apps and services for cars. From car sharing and fleet management, to smart parking and insurance, developers are using the Smartcar platform to pioneer a truly connected automotive world.
“As the prevalence of software applications for automobiles continues to increase, so does the need for a universal API,” said Forest Baskett, General Partner, NEA. “Smartcar’s solution removes the friction felt by both OEMs and app developers to allow faster integrations between web apps and digital vehicle systems. We’re thrilled to partner with the Smartcar team to empower developers across the $50 billion connected car services market.”
Smartcar platform provides developers with the APIs, SDKs, and documentation they need to build innovative connected car experiences. A recent round of funding will help to grow the team, iterate on the company’s core platform, and build out the developer experience to support more vehicle brands. Stay tuned for the future now!

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