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01 March 2018

Green Bikes

An electric bike is the best of all worlds and Peter Prebus at Electric Bike Report has the dream job of testing and reviewing the new models! We will be covering Peter’s reviews in upcoming columns. According to Peter on why he is running this website called Electric Bike Report? “Overall, I would like to see more people enjoying a nice ride on a
bicycle. Bikes are a great way to:
-Get around
-Have some fun 🙂
-Get some exercise
-Enjoy the outdoors
-Connect with your family, friends, neighbors, fellow bike riders
-Save money on transportation costs
-Reduce your environmental impact
Electric bikes are great because they allow people of almost any age and ability level to enjoy riding a bike. It seems that electric bikes are still fairly unknown to a lot of people and I want to help spread the word about e-bikes and all of their great benefits through Electric Bike Report. To see some of the great electric bikes, reviews, prices and availability, go to Peters site here!

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