Meatless Monday

Say it’s so, the Impossible? My friends at Green Matters found this foodie development and how they are going beyond a meatless burger to sharing with food banks! The Impossible Burger is very similar to a traditional patty from a cow, but it’s made exclusively from plants. In the process to create one, it uses 75 percent less water, 87 percent less emissions, and 95 percent less land than standard ground beef. There’s more protein in each burger than in a comparable beef one. Even better? There’s no antibiotics, cholesterol, or hormones. Impossible Foods launched their burger at national restaurants beginning in 2016. Such locations include Bareburger, Fatburger, Umami Burger, and Wahlburgers, the latter started up by chef Paul Wahlberg and his celebrity brothers, Mark and Donnie. It’s also been the subject of a self-titled reality TV show on A&E for eight seasons.  It’s an exceptional display of gratuity from Impossible Foods to donate their high-quality burger to food banks. Not only are they reducing their environmental footprint, but they are putting a dent in hunger. High sources of protein are neither requested much nor donated to food banks, and this provides a great amount of it for the community. For the whole story and a really good green website, click here


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