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08 February 2018

Tesla in Space?

If you have not read, heard or seen by now, Elon Musk sent a Tesla in space, this is not it nor the view many have seen in recent news. This gem is actually a sort of green camper from Scandinavia that is a lot less expensive than a space trip and a lot easier to do. As if the Scandinavian landscape couldn’t get any prettier, imagine experiencing it from a cozy little pod on the back of your 4×4. Mink Campers is a funky company providing these little pods that could make any trip through Northern Europe that little bit more idyllic. They’ve created a very spacious and bright interior, fitted with a luxury queen size bed and fresh Scandinavian linen. It sounds perfect, right? How about the heated interior, the Bose sound and the wifi connectivity are some of the nice extras that come standard.
Mink Campers “believe that camping is all about creating enjoyable memories with your loved ones.” And what could be more enjoyable than gazing up at the stars through the gigantic sunroof lying above that queen-sized bed, probably nothing if you’re lucky enough to be sitting under that clear night’s sky. What really gets me excited about this trailer is the rear door that opens up to reveal a stove top, makeshift kitchen counter, which is of course stocked with Scandinavian designed kitchen equipment to really fit the environment. The Mink Camper is perfect for any scenic getaway! See more photos and read all about this style of camping here..

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