Ahoy Greenies

Everything is turning green, why not boats, yachts and ships? And the designs are getting more radical as well as functional every day. Just don’t be deceived by those sails! The people at Yanko and Kathreen  say the boat’s vertical honeycomb protrusions aren’t just for catching wind. They’re actually solar sails – not to be confused with the solar cells that harness the suns energy. That’s right… she’s a lean, green, water machine that uses solar energy to power her motors in addition to wind propulsion. At 45 meters, the Kathreen is massive yet streamlined thanks to its swordfish-inspired shape. The resulting aesthetic is at once aggressive and sophisticated with an even more posh interior. Inside, passengers and crew will enjoy a 2 floor glass cabin fit with all the creature comfort of home (a very nice home at that). This includes a lounge, dual control centers, deluxe sleeping quarters, chefs kitchen and indoor/outdoor transitions that make the most of square footage and deck space. Sweet floating luxury, green and clean in every line. Stay tuned for more green machines, people and products!


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