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20 January 2018

Green McD’s?

At first, going green and McDonalds fast food does not seem to fit however, recent press releases have the mega burger and fries company setting goals for 100 percent green packaging and more. McDonald’s seems to have come a long way since those infamous Styrofoam clamshell containers of a generation ago. According to Triple Pundit, the world’s largest fast food company announced this week that by 2025, all of its packaging will be made from recycled, renewable or certified sources. McDonald’s was short on specifics, but it said Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification will be the preferred standard for such materials; by 2020, the company has pledged that all of its fiber-based packaging will either be recycled or certified and not have any ties to deforestation. Currently, McDonald’s claims that half of its consumer packaging is made out of recycled, renewable or certified materials, while 64 percent of its fiber-based packaging is derived from certified or recycled sourcing. Worldwide, the company says 10 percent of its restaurants are recycling food packaging. Critics of the company will question why it has to take so long for all of McDonald’s 37,000 locations across to globe to move away from packaging made from virgin or non-traceable materials. In fairness, however, the company will have plenty of work within its supply chain to ensure this promise becomes a reality. Moreover, McDonald’s will also have to gingerly cajole franchisees who may not necessarily buy into this shift at first. According to McDonalds own (rather dated) green page, McDonald’s is committed to protecting valuable ecosystems, promoting resource efficiency and supporting the economic viability of responsible land management. To bring this commitment to life, the company has set priorities to optimize the amount of packaging we use and to use only sustainably sourced materials that are recyclable or compostable. In collaboration with our suppliers, we pursue packaging priorities in three critical areas: design, sourcing and recovery. We’ve set a 2020 aspirational goal for 100% of fiber-based packaging to be derived from certified or recycled sources. So stay tunes as GreenTV’s team and millions of eyes will be on how they pull this off and who knows, if they can do it, others in the food industry may follow!

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