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13 January 2018

Green Amazon Women

The image I chose today is what our next world, peace, health and shopping leaders will look like. At least, that is what I envisioned years ago when forecasting crazy things like electric cars, viewing videos on phones and an on-line store offering the best in validated green goods. The store has not happened yet however, it is coming and will be headed by the greenest women on the planet. When I read “Small, The Next BIG Thing by Dr. Evaristo Doria it reminded 2018 is a great time to complete the virtual and physical location where GreenTV HQ is located. An entire city block in the city of Wilmington, Delaware with our staff and volunteers filmed trying out everything being marketed as green, see if they live up to their claims, educate buyers prior and let those same consumers rate what they do or do not like. Electric cars, scooters and such from our next door neighbor at EV2018 to on-site grown food from the on-site Salad Sink, pet products and the greened complex designed Tanya W. Breck! If we are fortunate, we will be joined by health and products expert Dr. Debra Laino , leaders from Susan Rocco at Women to Watch Media and more! Read the entire story by Dr. Doria here and see into 2018 Small The Next BIG Thing!

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